It's really difficult to describe what I do, and I think it's because the word color can be defined in many ways. Because I've dedicated more than 10 years to it already, I find that making a distinction between color and colors makes the difference. So I'll try to explain what this means:



Color is a concept, a field of study. Color is a  way of looking at the world. Everything has colors, even if they are not colorful.

When we talk about color, we’re talking about thoughts, experiments, philosophy, theories, and social changes.

We think and analyze our perception thanks to the existence of the phenomena. 



In opposition, colors are the materials, paints. They are commonly understood as colorful. 

When we talk about colors, we’re talking about the specific wavelength that makes the physical colors that we can apply on stuff.

More of this stuff is being developed thanks to the study of color. 

One nurtures the other and it's one of the reasons many things evolve and improve in the world we live in. The link between science and creativity has never been better explained than with the study of color and colors. 

For me, this is exactly what the future is about: collaboration and interdisciplinarity. 

Tangible and intangible, stuff and thoughts.

In this website you'll find practices that allow developing thoughts, thoughts that encourage practice, other's practices and perceptions, theories and inspiration.