I've trained my self as an artist for the past 17 years, which means that's pretty much all I know how to do (and it's not exactly considered the most useful thing). I decided to dedicate my life to colors so I've been doing different things with them: teaching, using it for painting really big walls, letting kids play and learn, photographing and talking non-stop about them. Color is so part of me that I changed my last name for my passion, and nowadays only my family remembers what it was. For the rest of the world, I'm Sofia, the color girl.

Color has given me the opportunity to explore and care about my various curiosities, skills and talents. Color is this amazing phenomena that is everywhere and because of that omnipresence, it can be studied from so many different points of view. I think is the most polymath career in the World and also the most fascinating one. 

This is me and my lovely black cat, Greta.

This is me and my lovely black cat, Greta.


My color story.

It all started when I was a kid and my grandma taught me about atoms, how they where composed by a nucleus, protons and electrons. My mind started wandering and creating theories. Matter is composed by this tiny things that seemed so conceptual, and I draw with my pencil over and over again a circle with rings around it. They were just plain graphite lines. No color. So I started believing that's how reality was built.  I formulated my first color theory: maybe colors are not part of the objects but they live in our eyes and we put them on objects, like a filter that colors things when we look at them. My grandma quickly told me to stop thinking weird things and just go back to my history homework. So that day I decided to abandon my career as a "Crazy Scientist" and dedicate to more humanistic things.

I started painting not so late after that. I painted mainly beaches. In the morning, at sunset time... I thought it was fascinating how the color of the sea changes with the rest of the day. Soon I started doing art direction and costumes in the theatre of my school, always using color as the conceptual guideline of each play. Then came photography and it's amazing ability to capture the colors I loved and I decided to chose it as my study subject when I graduated from high school.

During my Master in Conceptual Photography, I had a class on Personal Language where the teacher asked us to answer a long list of questions, to what, at the end, most of the answers were the word COLOR. 

I chose it as my life project. And I haven't regretted it not even for a day.

(Later, thanks to the internet, I discovered my theory was not so wrong! Out there is information of colors but not them. There are wavelengths and only when they bounce over objects towards our eyes and there they cross our cones, the photo sensible cells responsible for color vision, the information is translated into colors. Not bad for a 9 year old girl!.)