Expect Color.

This website is full of color in different forms. Everything you can think about is somehow related to color. This is why  the great minds of history, from scientists to philosophers, artists to mathematicians, reflected so much about color. Color has been theorized, written about, represented visually and even made into music.

The complexity and significance of color made the task of asigning categories to the different content in my website a great challenge. Until I thought about the most powerful quote I’ve ever read on color. I decided to make it mine (I’m stealing it!) and made it the concept of this website:





To understand color you must use colors. You cOULD learn all ABOUT COLOR theory, but THEORY IS little more than words until you put IT into practice. 

There is a theory that says that complementary colors, like yellow and violet, when mixed in the right proportions, give birth to gray. Ok, you may have thought as you read it. But wait a second, stop and think about it: grey? really!? That sounds crazy and weird. Isn't this mix supposed to be brown or something? I won't tell you the answer. If you don't believe me, or are curious, then go ahead and try mixing these colors! Don't google it! Go grab some paint and try it out. It's the only way you'll see the magic happen.


You practice by DOING.



Perception, on the other hand, is all the input you get intellectually from working and practicing with colors. It is the understanding of the process and outcomes of carrying out an experiment. The ideas you can develop from, for example, mixing that yellow and violet. What happened when you mixed them? How were these colors changing in front of your eyes?


Perception, as a process, is the ability to become color aware through Your senses. this goes further than a simple recognition of color. it involves a conscious act of seeing and perceiving reality. an act that may lead to a renewed understanding of the world.


I categorize reading, another act for which you use your eyes and intellect, as perception. Studying color theories and research opens you up to new ways of perceiving. For example, if you read about Goethe’s colored shadows, you’ll start seeing them everywhere. It's like when you are trying to forget about your ex, and then everything around you reminds you of that person. Well, the same happens with color.

Once you start seeing it, you won’t be able to stop!





So, what can you expect?

In the Practice category I’ll be sharing my practices and exercises. You can go ahead and try them out. I’m sure you’ll have fun and learn things you never thought about!

In the Perception category you’ll find some deeper stuff. Things I write about color, my research on specific topics (always related, somehow, to color) and color theories. 

I would also like to share my references, inspiration and the work of my heroes. Because inspiration can come from anywhere, sometimes in practice, sometimes in the act of perceiving, you’ll find this content hiding in both categories. So pay attention!

Opening the gates to my unique and beloved world.

You are about to enter in my world and I’ll do my best to be a great host! My ambition is big. This website is the rabbit hole through which you can follow my process as I develop my Grand Unified Theory of the universe through color. I hope I'll inspire you.