Gratitude Colors


I decided to end this year with a gratitude exercise. My idea was to make some free and naif paintings, mixing colors just as I feel they would express my gratitude towards something or someone. 

I sent the pictures to the person I made them for and he would be like: "I think I would never be able to guess the meaning of these colors."

Color, on many occasions, is something you have to FEEL. As soon as you try to understand them only with your reasoning and your mind, you'll probably fail to get the point. 



Here's an exercise for you while you look at the following BIG images:

1. Try to get inside them. Let them wrap you, eat you, digest you. 

2. Allow your eyes to naturally flow from one color to the other. If you are having trouble shutting down your inner mental voice that is trying to comprehend, focus on your breathing while you watch (this is basically the core of meditating). Let's COLOR MEDITATE!

3. Associate the colors with other things you know. Maybe one of them can evoke a smell? A song? A particular day or memory? This is inducing SYNESTHESIA. Click on the button below to learn more about it :)



D.I.Y. Gratitude Colors

I really recommend you to try out this exercise! It's a wonderful way to put into practice your color and painting passion at the same time as generating some good karma for yourself, and I think after all you've done this year, you really have to do something about 2018... 

1. Grab a piece of paper. It doesn't have to be anything special, even newspaper can work! Set up the paint, brushes, water and anything else you would need.

2. Listening to your intuition while you think about the memory, person or thing you are grateful for. It could help to put some music on, light up candles, maybe even aromatic ones? Do whatever you need to do to get in the GRATITUDE mood and enjoy!

3. Combine the colors of the different emotions. Maybe red could be a very exciting moment that at the same time was peaceful, so you can mix it up with some white. There is no right or wrong color. They are YOUR emotions and only YOU know how they feel and what they look like :)

4. Keep the positive and gratitude mindset at all time!


I'm grateful for your presence here. Thank you for reading!