Rothko and Color Field Painting


Looks pretty big huh? It's because it is! and that's why they named this artistic style Field Painting. Because it's a big field filled with filling. 

Rothko's intention with this huge canvases was to wrap you around with color. Your job as a viewer is to submerge your eyes deep into all the thin layers of colors, one on top of the other who knows how many times. His interest was mainly in making you feel something. He didn't really cared about color it self. “If you are only moved by color relationships, you are missing the point.” But man, how amazing color relationships he constructed! 

This is really common between artists that dedicate their life to the use of color. We all complain because colors are so common. They are everywhere but people never actually see them. They like talking about the most superficial and decorative aspects of it, and sincerely, it breaks our hearts. Color moves emotions, expresses very deep concepts, have political and philosophical points of view, they are alive! and to be able to see them, you have to train your eyes' cones and learn their language: color.

Color language is color, expresses itself through colors and it;s messages is color and colors. 

I´m interested only in expressing basic human emotions:
tragedy extasi dum ans so on
and the fact that people break down and cry when confronted to my pictures
shows that
I communicate those basic human emotions
— Rothko
 Mark Rothko.  White Center, 1950.

Mark Rothko. White Center, 1950.

She looks at it, then walks away and the Field filled with color feels alone and down, thinking that she's not pretty enough and other self esteem problems. This is a shame, because this painting is worth $72.8 million. Van Gogh Sunflowers were sold for $53 millions, this makes White Center the pretty and cool girl of the class.





Ok, let's change subject and perspective. Does this Field reminds you of another field? I'm pretty sure you've seen it in those chain emails your grandma sent when she started using internet. Probably the subject of the email was something like: beautiful views to see before you die.

Rothko_White Center_1950.jpg

And this is exactly what art and perception are about. 

But is not the reality of his work, or at least he never said he was inspired by the tulip fields in Holland. 

Perceptionsofia simon