How to actually relax with adult coloring books


Why adult coloring books are not relaxing? 

It should be easy, right? The drawing is there, we trained for several years as kids for not coloring outside the lines and we practiced a lot. Why is it so hard then? One of the reasons is because we suck at combining colors.  
Choosing a harmonious color palette is not as natural as we think when we see one that already works. Our color muscle is not quiet developed.

Do you remember when you were a kid at kindergarten and you had a beautiful white paper in front of you and next to it bunch of colorful paints? What an exciting moment! So exciting that without even thinking too much, you just started taking some of this and that color expecting to obtain an AMAZING new color, one that nobody has ever discovered! 

But this is what you actually obtained:


Pretty disappointing. This is the least favorite color almost all over the world. People calls it POO COLOR. 


So I decided I will help with this terrible and really important issue:

I am going to teach adults to combine colors so they can actually relax and be proud of their coloring book.


So here some #ColorTips

1. Try to come up with a color pattern, for example, all the leafs will be purple and the striped areas orange, spikes red. You'll be amazed how much easier it is to get a beautiful combination.

2. Instead of using color pencils, try filling them out with watercolors! It's going to be super fast and less frustrating.