Writing with colors: Chromatography.


Chromatography is an experiment through which we separate the complex chemical components of things into color stripes. In other words, we ask them to ‘write in colors’ their essence. This experiment is mostly done with plants. 

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Step one

Select the plant you fish to understand. 

Try different plants to compared and be amazed by the results.


Step Two

Strip the leaves off, cut them and put in a mortar. 


Step Three

Add some nail polish remover and start smashing (for at least 3 minutes). The harder and longer you do it the best. The idea here is so break the structure of the leaf so the components can go out and mingle with the juice. 

When you are done smashing, put the resulting potion in a glass. Cut a strip of coffee filter or use any king of porous paper. It won't work with a normal piece of paper. 

Place the strip inside the glass, standing. If it keeps falling, find a way of keeping it straight, turn on that creative engine!.


Step Four

Wait some minutes and voila! 

In this chromatography I obtained 3 different colors: ochre, yellow and green.


The tiny ochre line is a pigment called xanthophyll, the yellow is chlorophyll A and the green chlorophyll B. 

The graphic shows a very pretty pattern that I don't understand, but since it was so beautiful and makes me seem more intelligent in front of people that is only scrolling and not reading, I thought why not?

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