Other's color questions answered

What's your favorite color?

Definitely grey! And then, the next question is: is that a color? Yes, it is! And it's an amazing one. Grey always has a nuance, a tendency towards another color. You'll find warm grey, cool grey, grey that is a little bit yellow, or maybe red. I don't only love how it looks, but also the fact that is a very conceptual color. To read more about grey, wait for my new post!


What color do you see me?

Studying and loving color doesn't mean I crossed the line towards the occult. I see you many colors because you have many colors. The color of your skin, of your eyes, your hair, the clothes you are wearing. You won't find much auras and witchery in this website!

What is the best color for CTA buttons?

There is this cool study that after doing some a/b testing concluded that red and blue buttons are good for sales. The difference I personally have found is that in the cases that one was better than the other one is because it was used with better taste and somehow was visually coherent with the rest of the site. Check out the article: https://conversionxl.com/blog/which-color-converts-the-best/